Woodland Carbon Code Launched.

The Government has approved and launched the first ever UK Woodland Carbon accreditation scheme. 

Companies engaged in domestic woodland carbon creation can now include this work in their greenhouse gas reports. The Code sets out robust requirements for voluntatry carbon sequestration projects that incorporate core principles of good carbon management as part of sustainable forest-keeping. 

The Forest Project has been part of an industry stakeholder group since October 2010, led by the Forestry Commission, which advised and helped with the creation of the code.

A full list of consulting stakeholders can be viewed here> 

The introduction of the code gives transparency and integrity to domestic woodland carbon capture and provides a best practice guide for organisations planning such projects. 

The assurance provided by the scheme, which is independently verified, will hopefully encourage investment into domestic woodland creation, providing many benefits to the UK's environment and wildlife. 

Specific objectives of the Code include:

  • ensuring high standards of sustainable forest management
  • providing access to forest carbon measurement protocols
  • establishing a system of independent quality assurance


More information on the Code can be found at http://www.forestry.gov.uk/carboncode