BITC and The Mayday Network

BITC and The Mayday Network is supporting The Forest Project to plant a brand new forest right here in England, and attempt to break a Guinness World Record whilst doing so. 

BITC is a business led members group that advises, supports, and challenges members to create a sustainable future for people and the planet, whilst improving business performance. 

Convened by BITC, The Mayday Network is a collaboration of businesses taking action on climate change and resource depletion. Mayday businesses work together with partners to seek out and promote the best solutions to the major environmental challenges we face.

We believe in the power of the network - that many people each playing a small part can together make a big difference. Our ethos is that if everyone in the network can pledge a just few trees each, then a substantial new natural habitat can be created for the benefit of all.

Our goal is to plant 30,000 native trees right in the heart of England. We offer full traceability for each tree that is planted with us. We will send you the GPS coordinates for your trees; species information; and environmental impact information that includes accurate estimates for the water and air filtration, carbon sequestration, and growth for each tree. 

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