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Our Vision

To increase awareness and understanding of climate change and the danger it poses.

Through our work with schools and communties across the country, we are helping to educate an entire generation.

Children in primary education at present are the generation who will be most affected by climate change, yet they are also the generation with the most potential to stop it.
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To encourage
both individual and collective environmental responsibility.

We work with single individuals, large national companies, and everything inbetween; allowing us to tackle problems at every level.
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To reduce the effects of CO2 on the environment.

The trees and plants we plant on our site soak up carbon dioxide as they grow, helping to reduce the harmful effect CO2 has on the world.
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To enhance the quality of our natural world

We are working to restore our native landscape, returning natural value to an increasingly urbanised and developed countryside.
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To protect and preserve native flora and fauna.

Alongside our trees, we plant many species of threatened native plantlife, which act as safe habitats for wildlife.
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To create
an area of natural beauty that can be enjoyed by all.

We believe that everyone should have free access to nature, which is why our sites are always open for anyone to visit.

Here at The Forest Project, we have a program of engagement activities planned throughout the year, getting more people more involved with the great outdoors.
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