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About Us

About The Forest Project

The Forest Project was founded in 2010 by a young entrepreneur with a vision to plant a brand new forest here in England. Many woodland creation projects happen overseas, but what about our native woodlands?

We are a Social Enterprise. This means that our environmental and social aims are absolutely central to what we do - and any profits are reinvested to sustain and further our mission for positive change.  

At The Forest Project, we only plant native species. Trees planted with us are guaranteed to grow for at least the next 100 years, a legacy in the form of a permanent forest. This is an ambitious project, come and share in our vision >


We are about trees.

Forest cover in the UK is estimated to be at around 9%, well below the European average of 37%. Trees are important. They filter the air we breathe, their roots hold the earth together, they shelter us from wind, and help to regulate our water.

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We are about people.

We work to get people involved with nature. From individuals to big business, we are getting more people more involved at every level.

The benefits of this are relevant to everybody.

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We are about change.

Our world is changing. We can decide whether it changes for better or worse.
We are transforming our domestic landscape on a massive scale. 

We are changing how people see 
climate change. 

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